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5 Tips for Maintaining Your Area Rug

Did you know that the carpet cleaning industry is worth about $6 billion in the United States? There is a reason why people invest a lot of money into rug cleaning.  They are proud of the rugs they put into their homes and businesses. With that in mind, it is understandable to think that people want to […]

A Quick Guide to Cleaning Your Stained Carpet

Most home carpets last between 10 and 15 years. Giving it a longer life requires proper upkeep. Stains can happen in any household, especially where children and pets live. They create an eyesore and make the carpet appear older than it is. However, a stained carpet does not always need immediate replacement. Read on to learn how to lift […]

A Homeowner’s Guide to Grout Cleaning

About 58 percent of homeowners in America have tile flooring in their homes. This means you’re likely to deal with tile at some point. Even if you don’t have tile floors, tile can be found just about anywhere, including kitchens and bathrooms. Tile is the second most popular choice for flooring a home. With proper installation and tile […]

7 Tips for Proper Upholstery Cleaning

Most people are shocked when they find out how huge the industry is for something as simple as furniture repair and reupholstery. The United States alone generates more than $2 billion in this industry every single year! Although it took a hit during the Coronavirus pandemic, the furniture repair and reupholstery industry in the United States grew […]