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The Importance of Routine Tile and Grout Cleaning, Revealed

If you’ve got tiles in your bathroom, you’re likely guilty of ignoring your grout as it descends further and further into disrepair. After all, how much attention do we give to the space between the tiles? Wiping tiles down is easy enough, but the grout between them can be a pain.

Did you know that you can clean grout with nothing more than baking soda paste? Most households have baking soda on hand, so there’s no excuse!

Grout cleaning is important for the health of everyone who uses the space. Read on to find out why!

Importance of Grout and Tile Cleaning

The mold that grows between the tiles and grout in bathrooms can be hazardous, both to the people around it and to the tile cement itself. Some types of mold can be toxic and exacerbate allergies and even create respiratory problems where there were none previously. It might look harmless enough, but mold creates spores that become airborne at the drop of a hat.

These spores can’t be seen without magnification unless the problem is severe, but severe or not, you can be certain of their presence. Breathing in these spores day in and day out begins to take a toll on our bodies. What appears as simple black stains which are easy enough to overlook, might be the cause behind certain ailments.

With a little regular attention, it’s easy enough to ensure mold growth doesn’t spread. If you’ve left things to get out of hand, professional tile cleaning might be the way to go.

How to Clean Grout

A little elbow grease can go a long way, but when it comes to tile vs grout, cleaning tile will always be a lot easier as it’s not porous. It’s due to this fact that people tend to neglect the grout between the tiles. Especially since at a glance, there’s so little grout compared to the tile it almost seems not worth bothering with.

When the tiles themselves clean so easily with just a wipe, the thought of the extra work involved for the grout can be a real headache. If you don’t have the correct tools to hand, it’s considerably worse.

A grout scraper and a little bleach are all that’s necessary to put a serious dent in any discolored or moldy grout. Once you get around to it the process can be quite rewarding, and you might even wonder why you didn’t get around to it sooner!

Time Well Spent Grout Cleaning

After spending some time doing some proper grout cleaning, you’re sure to thank yourself. Nobody has ever regretted divesting their bathroom from unsightly grout mold. Knowing how to keep tile clean is half the battle, and once you’ve got the knack, it becomes the work of five minutes.

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